Supporting the transition to civilian life with homes, community and opportunities


Our veterans accommodation is available on a fixed term basis and is provided as a high-quality serviced-apartment fully furnished and equipped.

Enterprise Training

Our facility incorporates a learning and training space, providing targeted professional support to develop skills, experience and high-calibre networks.


Our first development, at Wilton Hill in Wiltshire, is part of a larger, mixed use community of enterprise and training facilities as well as private homes.

Working with veterans and the community to deliver growth and opportunity

Entrain Space is designed to meet the needs of veterans transitioning from the military. When serving in the Forces, the time and space needed to focus on a future civilian life is often at a premium. Entrain Space exists to provide exactly that – time and space to retrain, to start a career and to reconnect with a civilian community.

The skills and experience veterans develop during service have a huge economic value both to local communities and to the corporate world. Yet it is often difficult to translate the experience, skills and strong core values veterans and service-leavers have into a civilian career and to convince future employers this is relevant to a civilian role. The enterprise training that our unique program offers addresses this and is tailored to the individual needs of each veteran. Entrain Space is a new model for veterans’ welfare and transition journey from the military, combining an enterprise-based training program together with housing under one roof.

Entrain Space also provides the opportunity to connect to a new civilian community. The integrated accommodation and training facilities are built within private residential schemes and feature shared facilities, such as cafés and community rooms, providing benefits to the wider neighbourhood.

Erskine House is our first Entrain Space and the first residents are now starting to move in!

Why Entrain Space is Needed

Circumstances can conspire to mean that those leaving the military do not reach their full potential when it comes to earning power and future prospects. Far too many are not capitalising on the excellent training they received while in the Forces and translating that into civilian success. The ethos and thinking behind Entrain Space is to bring high-quality training, upskilling and entrepreneurship – using the latest technology – together with excellent accommodation provision all under one roof. The individually tailored training programmes and support are provided to ensure that all residents do reach their full potential.

Entrain Space offers service-leavers and veterans the personalised support they need to kick-start the next chapter in their life and maximise their chances of a good transition from the services, whilst giving UK companies and communities the platform to access and benefit from this exceptionally hardworking and focused talent pool.

I look forward to meeting every resident at Entrain Space and I am committed to making your time with us a total success, both personally and professionally.

Matthew Bell, Founder & CEO






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