Overview & History

Our first Entrain Space, is located on the former HQ Land Forces site in Wilton near Salisbury. This development of the old Erskine Barracks is a partnership between Our Enterprise (our parent company), Redrow Homes and the Wilton Community Land Trust.

The Wilton campus is the exemplar for the Entrain Space brand. It is an important flagship for our wider aim of replication elsewhere, which is combining housing with an enterprise-based program of support for veterans within a strong community setting.

Entrain Space is being delivered as part of the wider project at Wilton, which links the work with veterans and the local community for the benefit of both. The framework for this consists of:

  • The Community Legacy Company, which is the Community Interest Company at Wilton (‘Our Wilton CIC’). It is a social enterprise with the purpose of delivering social and economic regeneration to the locality. Its job is to fund, build and deliver the Enterprise Hub; maintain the Wilton site’s estate, including the grounds and the administration; and it can create and bid for projects as well as raise grants and social impact investment funds. Veterans will play a strong leading role in the delivery of the Legacy Company at Wilton.
  • Our Wilton Trust is a charity dedicated to raising funds to create a bursary program for veterans participating in the Entrain Space Program. The emphasis is on supporting those veterans on low incomes with a subsidy for rent and training.  

Our Enterprise manages these components on a long-term, ongoing basis and is the majority shareholder of the Legacy Company.

The Wilton project, including Entrain Space, was the vision of Matthew Bell, founder and CEO of Our Enterprise. Our Enterprise raised the finance, obtained the planning consent, and manages the construction of the buildings as well as the partnerships, stakeholders, and the Operators in the project.

As part of the wider housing development, our intention is to also build and manage an Enterprise Hub, offering a range of business units from start-ups to more established companies, which will support the veterans and the wider community.

We aim to break ground for the Enterprise Hub by Spring 2020 with a completion goal in the Spring of 2021.