Why Support Us

The Entrain Space program is in its infancy, but we are already building a wider community of supporters who want to be involved and we are keen to engage the valuable help all supporters, new and existing. 

We will shortly be launching a program covering the following: 

  • Volunteer and mentoring for local people and businesses, including providing work placements for residents 
  • A donation platform allowing donations to the charity to help us grow our work and support the veterans’ bursary program 
  • Corporate partnership – to deliver more bespoke recruitment and training outcomes for residents and corporate partners

If you are interested in any of the above we would be happy to hear from you.

Our Community

A key strength of Entrain Space is its community setting. At Erskine House we are part of a new settlement of 320 homes built by Redrow, as well as being part of the wider Wilton community. The Wilton community have been actively engaged in influencing the development of the old Erskine Barracks from the very beginning, and they have always expressed great interest in getting more involved – and now the veterans are moving in, this can really take off!

We will be running regular ‘get to know you’ events in the café, so Erskine House residents meet their neighbours and make new connections and friendships. Entrain Space is a community with purpose and a key part of our success has been, and will continue to be, the community connections we are building as we develop the program. 

We want to actively engage with the local community to forge relationships with businesses and individuals so that we may be able to offer our veterans the very best opportunities in training, work experience and apprenticeships. This helps our residents integrate more fully into civilian life, but it also supports local businesses and enriches the lives of veterans and members of the local community alike.