Entrain Space admissions re-start as we wake up to what Covid-19 means for society

I think it is fair to say that Covid-19 has been very challenging for the Entrain Space team and residents, with many of our plans for launching training initiatives and social enterprises being put on hold. The good news is we have avoided any cases of Covid-19 and weathered the storm so far – and admissions for veterans and service-leavers can now restart after being forced to pause for lockdown.

For those that do not know us, Entrain Space helps service-leavers and veterans secure a better transition from military to civilian life by providing high-quality flats alongside enterprise-based, and personal, support. This gives a great opportunity for veterans to save for a deposit, find a career they may not have even known existed or start their own business – getting the support they need to secure a good future.

Homes, training and community interlink in resilience

Covid-19 has shown us all how important local community is, but with the right training and facilities there is so much more that can be done. Through the Covid-19 crisis, Entrain Space facilities enabled the rapid training of local volunteers and facilitated the delivery of thousands of PPE kits locally (more on this soon!). Our flats have housed vulnerable people as part of Wiltshire Council’s Covid-19 emergency response, and our support team were able to help long-term homeless people move on to permanent accommodation.

None of this could have been achieved so quickly and efficiently without our well-trained team, fantastic facilities, enterprising ethos and focus on resilience through the Entrain programme.

The efficient, integrated delivery of supported homes, training and community – all in one setting – is surely a model of resilience for the future society and perhaps one that veterans could lead. 

Helping society fight back post-lockdown

Unemployment, homelessness and mental health issues will be a challenge for the whole of society due to the impact of Covid-19, and we may all have to live with the virus for some time to come yet. A core part of the Entrain Space vision is to bring veterans and community together for the benefit of both. I believe service-leavers and veterans can be a catalyst for helping communities come together to deliver new forms of locally focused social regeneration that can help rebuild lives stronger than ever.

Targeting help and support where needed

All our veterans have worked hard to gain a place at Entrain Space, sometimes overcoming significant personal challenges in order to qualify for a place. Covid-19 has made some of that support delivery hard to achieve, but we now want to make up for lost time. We know there are many more service people out there who could benefit from Entrain Space, so if anyone reading this blog knows of current service leavers, early service leavers or veterans of working age who need a fresh start then do please put them in touch with us as we do now have places available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no need to sofa surf!

Covid-19 must not be allowed to crush any of our aspirations – at Entrain Space we will continue to work to foster aspiration.

Matthew Bell, Founder

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